In 2016, Malika Bruno worked with children in the child life department at Children’s Hospital, The Woodlands. As a child life specialist volunteer. The goal was to bring normalcy to each child using developmentally appropriate methods and activities while preparing children for upcoming hospitalizations. Shortly thereafter, Malika Bruno was exposed to a great need in the foster care community through her volunteerism as a CASA. Drawing immediate attention, was the deleterious effects of physical, social, and emotional safety, along with the need for educational advocacy and advancement. Angel’s Nest Inc. was established in 2019 by its founder, Malika Bruno, who is dedicated to the work and advocacy of children, youth, and young adults in foster care. Malika Bruno has also gained experience through family and peer engagement while earning a Master of Arts degree in Psychology. Her passion for advocacy continues through Angel’s Nest Inc. as young adults aging out of foster care are given a chance to establish independence.